This project is for a full Suit of armour for Brian A.
It will be constructed from 18ga. 304 Stainless Steel
and 14ga. on the knee-cops.

This page is depicting the work on the Armour.

-June 10, 2020-
Brian came for a consultation and we obtain his measurements.
We are still working on the overall look of this suit, however the Breastplate / Plackart will be the start.
-12 June 2020-
The general concept for the breastplate.
-14 June 2020-
Breastplate and back Plate with hinges on the left side. Three plates on the back plate!
-16 June 2020-
Large Paultron's for ground feighting.
-17 June 2020-
Working of a 15th century Maximilian elbow cob to get the pattern right. This is the half of the cob, it will take two pieces to make one cob. Rolled edges and line art.
-19 June 2020-
The finger gauntlets are made in 18ga. SS with rolled edges. Now the hing on the thumb will be made from 16ga.
-20 June 2020-
The leg armour is made of 18ga. SS 304, however the knee cops are made from 14ga. SS 304.
-22 June 2020-
The Burgenet will be build from a combo of steel 18, 16, 14ga. SS 304. All welding will be TIG welded with 304L rods.
-1 July 2020-
The pattern for the ring/rim around the waist, it will have to be worked skrinking on the inside and pulled out on the outside.
-16 July 2020-
The waist ring in 16ga. Stainless 304, raw cut, the next step is to work the edges and TIG welding.
-17 July 2020-
Shaping the waist ring.
-18 July 2020-
Working the waist ring on the lower side, to give it the S shape.
-22 July 2020-
Shaping the second part of the waisr ring.
-25 July 2020-
Placing the anchor weld on the rim, so now I can work around it to get this to line-up correctly.
-28 July 2020-
The rest of the weld.
-30 July 2020-
Working on the clean-up.

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Klaus Jurgen Gehr (Armorer)

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