This is a project for a Judeau - Berserk armour
made from 16ga. 304 Stainless Steel for Deannie M.

This page is depicting this project as we make the armor for Deannie.

-20 Apr. 2017-
This is a picture of Judeau's armour.
This is the pattern for the gaundlet.
-24 Apr. 2017-
Started working on the gauntlet today.
-26 Apr. 2017-
TIG welded the back of the gauntlet.
-27 Apr. 2017-
Clean-up of the work and weld.
-10 May 2017-
Had some time to work on the gauntlet.
. .
-28 May 2017-
The first finger on the gauntlet.
-30 May 2017-
Visit from Deannie for the Breastplate sizing and pickup of her gauntlet.
-21 June 2017-
Working on the tassets.
-3 July 2017-
Working on breastplate.
The look. .
-17 Aug. 2017-
Deannie is picking up her cosplay armour.

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Klaus Jurgen Gehr (Armorer)

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