Picture 1 Picture 3
This is a armorer's bench it has a
1/2 inch steel plate on top. It also
has a 1"x1" hardy hole The weight is
55lb. The little vise does not come
with the bench,it just shows the
function of the lip on the bench.
This is one I use myself. The holes
on the shelf are for tools.
It is 25"H x 11.1/4"W x 24"L

Price: $ 175 new
Keep shipping in mind !!
The Armor Stand is made from heavy pine wood.
Great for displaying your suit of armor.

The stands can be stained in any color you would need them in.

Price: $ 185 each

Picture 1 Picture 3
This is for a dishing form
used to make armor.
It is about 1/3 inch thick.
Cleaned and polished.

Price: $ 125 each
Keep shipping in mind !!
They are about 16lb.
The stake is used with
the anvil hardy hole 1" x 1".
This is a creasing stake.

Price: $ 135 each